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Data Conversations Over Coffee | Podcasts

Want to know what data analytics leaders from around the world think about everything from data literacy to leadership? And how they take their coffee?

We've created a series called Data Conversations Over Coffee. These conversations don't start out with a specific topic in mind but time and again data quality, data literacy and the future of data analytics have been a key themes. 

Clearly in today's business environment having good quality data is critical for success...and survival. 


Leveraging Cloud Technology

Kristel Sampson | Cloudera

#datawarehouse #cloud #ai...

...In this episode I chat to Kristel Sampson who is a Solutions Engineer at Cloudera - the enterprise data cloud company. 

Kristel has recently moved out of a large banking environment to join Cloudera and she gives me some insight into the transition between the two roles. She talks about how organisations can operationalise and industrialise AI and the important role cloud plays in this. 

Fan Analytics at Formula 1

Max Metral | Formula 1

#customeranalytics #formula1 #fanengagement

As a massive motorsports fan this episode was entirely self-indulgent. My guest is Max Metral who is the Senior Analytics Manager for Formula 1. 

Max spoke at Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa in July 2019 and we catch up a year later so Max can give me an update on how data analytics is evolving in the pinnacle of motorsports entertainment. 

Data Analytics in the Beverage Sector

Eugene Ras | Distell

#insightsdriven #data #analytics #digitaltransformation

Eugene Ras is the Head of Data & Analytics at Distell - Africa's leading producer and marketer of alcoholic beverages. In this episode Eugene talks to me about Distell's data analytics journey as well how they've responded to the recent ban on the sales of alcohol. And how, while working with government, the ban has actually catapulted some of his data analytics initiatives forward. 

Moving Data Products from POC to Production

Ryan den Rooijen | Chalhoub Group

In episode 12 Ryan den Rooijen talks about how to move data products from POC to production while ensuring adoption of the models. Ryan works for Chalhoub Group which operates in the luxury brands industry where customer experience, insights and relationships are critical. 

Dubai's First CDO

Youmna Borghol | Choueiri Group

Youmna Borghol, Dubai's first Chief Data Officer discusses the evolving role of the CDO and takes a deep dive into the use of data analytics within the media sector. And of course, Youmna tells me about how she's become interested in specialty coffee. 

Building a Data University

Maciej Kaliszka | absa CIB

In episode 6 of Data Conversations Over Coffee we talk to Maciej Kaliszka about building a fully accredited Data University! 

Data for Good...Driving Youth Employment

Louise de Beer | Harambee

#datascience #businessintelligence #dataforgood...

Louise uses data analytics to match young people with jobs that are best suited to them. In this episode she talks me through how important this function is right now and how Harambee is helping drive employment in the informal economy especially. 

We also talk about LeadHome - her previous company - a real estate agency that is totally data-driven and how she helped them innovate. 

The Impacts of a Data Driven Culture

Guy Taylor | Booking.com

#datascience #dataculture...

I catch up with Guy Taylor who has recently moved from Nedbank to Booking.com - two vastly different industries. I ask Guy to compare data analytics between them before we delve into what's need to create a data driven culture. 

Winning Global Data Analytics Awards

Shreya Goswami | absa

#data #analytics #innovation #awards...

Shreya Goswami and her team at absa have won two international awards for their data analytics projects and innovations. So I decided to catch up with her so she could share these successes with you.

Ethical AI & Using Big Data in a Pandemic

Mishumo Dzhivhuho

#ai #datascience #ethics...

Customer data provides companies a wealth of insight and certain industries - such as telcos - have access to very detailed and private data. In this episode I chat to Mishumo who is a Senior Manager in MTN's data science centre. He gives me his thoughts on the ethical use of customer data in AI models. 

From Fixing Computers to Fix Data Quality

Colin Macguire CDMP | Information Governance Specialist

#datamanagement #informationgovernance...

This is the 3rd episode in a series highlighting data management as a profession. 

Colin talks about how he started in IT hardware but has ultimately found himself in a data management career. 

Colin also shares his view on the value of the DMBOK and CDMP.